26 Weeks – Episode 7

It’s Thanksgiving week in the US this episode, which means there is a ton of food everywhere you look. Only saving grace is we are training for an ultramarathon so we are burning a ton of calories. This week Chris hits his longest run with a one-way trip to the beach but hits a speed bump along the way. The quick mileage increase over the last seven weeks may have finally caught up to him.

Weeks Training

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: Bike trainer 60 min
  • Wednesday: Run 8 miles
  • Thursday: Run 6 miles – Deck of Cards
  • Friday: Row/Air Bike 60 min and weight training
  • Saturday: Run 20 miles
  • Sunday: Run 8 miles in Chino State Park

The Race:

Training partners in this video:

New Gear Featured:


My Camera Gear:

My Running Gear

My Supplements and Recovery

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