26 Weeks – Episode 8

It’s week 8 in Chris’ training to run 100 miles at the Beyond Limits Ultra in April and finally, he realizes he needs a deload/recovery week. He is paying the price after building for zero to 20 miles in just 7 weeks as he battles Achilles pain in both legs. Luckily a light week of training filled with rest, rolling and stretching allows his body to heal enough to enjoy running in Reck Rock Canyon and the Strip in Las Vegas, NV.

Weeks Training

  • Monday: 5-mile walk
  • Tuesday: Bike trainer 45 min
  • Wednesday: Run 3 miles
  • Thursday: 5-mile walk
  • Friday: Run 10 miles in Red Rock Canyon
  • Saturday: Run 4 mile on the treadmill
  • Sunday: Run 4 miles on the Strip

The Race:

Featured in this Video:


My Camera Gear:

My Running Gear

My Supplements and Recovery

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