Ultra Training

Row/Double-Under Ladder

10 min Warm-Up Row

Then: Stretch


  • 2×10 Dislocate
  • 2×10 Air Squat
  • 2×25 DU’s


1000m-100m Row Ladder @moderate to HARD Pace

Note: Perform 25x DU’s after every Row. Row 1000m then do 25x DU

Then: Cool Down

Then: 50-100x AB Work of Your choice

Then: Stretch

Willow Hole Trail Joshua Tree

Ran 7.3 miles in Joshua Tree National Park on a trail called Willow Hole this morning. The rock formations are awesome but the trail is about 40-50% sand so it’s a little extra work. Started just after sunrise and the weather was perfect. This is my second time running in my new Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 3.0 and I really like it. It’s super light and breathes really well.

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