Powder Canyon Run

Went out for a short 4 miler in Powder Canyon this morning to test out the new Rylo 360 camera.

I just received the Rylo 360 camera yesterday and so far I am loving it. I was a little concerned about it only having a smart phone but it seems really solid. The camera itself is simple and to the point which is perfect for running. The quick Power ON, Start and Stop is all I need when I am on the go. It did seem to struggle a little in low light as you can see from my video and I noticed some stitching issues with latest firmware, but it’s not bad.

The Rylo comes with a 16GB card installed in the camera, which is great because it is ready to go when you open it.

Overall my first impressions are that the camera works very well. The app works amazingly. Footage is steady and editing the videos is intuitive. I expect the app will to continue to get better and better…it’s already really good.

I use action cams for running mostly and I owned GoPro’s since the original one. I have tons of footage that is shakey, has me looking all over the place, takes forever to transfer videos, and even longer to edit. To my amazement, Rylo has solved all of these issues. At high speeds with lots of terrain variation, the stabilized video is very effective.

I will do a more indepth review as I get more experience with it!


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