Follow as Chris trains to race in his first ultra distance race called the Beyond Limits Ultra. For 26 weeks he will training to run for 72 hours on a loop trail course near Idyllwild, CA. 

26 Weeks – Episode 8

It’s week 8 in Chris’ training to run 100 miles at the Beyond Limits Ultra in April and finally, he realizes he needs a deload/recovery week. He is paying the price after building for zero to 20 miles in just 7 weeks as he battles Achilles pain in both legs. Luckily a light week of training filled with rest, rolling and stretching allows his body to heal enough to enjoy running in Reck Rock Canyon and the Strip in Las Vegas, NV.

26 Weeks – Episode 7

It’s Thanksgiving week in the US this episode, which means there is a ton of food everywhere you look. Only saving grace is we are training for an ultramarathon so we are burning a ton of calories. This week Chris hits his longest run with a one-way trip to the beach but hits a speed bump along the way. The quick mileage increase over the last seven weeks may have finally caught up to him.

26 Weeks – Episode 6

A trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth” kicks off another week of ultramarathon training. This episode follows Chris through a packed week of training, work and family life as he tries to maintain his health, diet and get some recovery between school events, kids soccer parties, and decorating the house for the holidays. Products featured this week as Wake-ups caffeine pills and the DJI Mavic Air drone.

26 Weeks – Episode 5

The balancing act between training, health and family life continues as Chris trains for his first 100-mile ultramarathon in episode 5 of the 26 Miles. As the mileage increases, Chris is struggling to stay healthy while still increasing his running to 48 miles for the week. He also checks out the Hoka recovery sandals, gets the Sugtig GoPro light for recording in the dark, and starts testing Functional Formulas Anitvenom.

26 Weeks – Episode 4

Trying the Hoka is episode 4 in the 26 Miles docuseries which follows Chris as he trains to run 100 miles in his first ultramarathon at the Beyond Limits Ultra in Mountain Center, CA on April 4th, 2019. This is week 4 of a 26 week of his training plan. Chris continues to increase his mileage, buys a pair of Hoka Speed Goat 2 trail running shoes, hits Powder Canyon and the Santa Ana River trail for some long miles.



Catch up on all of the workouts, meals, travel and life behind our 26 Weeks series as it’s happening 

Should You Run with Music? Q&A Episode 1

I have been receiving a bunch of questions on social media and in the comments of my videos so I have gathered a bunch up and spent the afternoon answering them while hanging out in old town Orange, CA.

Cameras for Running Videos and Vlogging

Here is a quick look at the cameras and gear I use to film my runs and most of the active footage in my 26 Weeks Ultra training series. I have tried many cameras including the GoPro Hero3 and Hero5 along with gimbals on for the GoPro and my iPhone, but hands down the best camera I have for running videos is the latest GoPro Hero7.

Stair Workout

Got in a bonus workout today at Hill Crest Park in Fullerton on the stairs.

Powder Canyon Run

Went out for a short 4 miler in Powder Canyon this morning to test out the new Rylo 360 camera.

I just received the Rylo 360 camera yesterday and so far I am loving it. I was a little concerned about it only having a smart phone but it seems really solid. The camera itself is simple and to the point which is perfect for running. The quick Power ON, Start and Stop is all I need when I am on the go. It did seem to struggle a little in low light as you can see from my video and I noticed some stitching issues with latest firmware, but it’s not bad.

The Rylo comes with a 16GB card installed in the camera, which is great because it is ready to go when you open it.

Overall my first impressions are that the camera works very well. The app works amazingly. Footage is steady and editing the videos is intuitive. I expect the app will to continue to get better and better…it’s already really good.

I use action cams for running mostly and I owned GoPro’s since the original one. I have tons of footage that is shakey, has me looking all over the place, takes forever to transfer videos, and even longer to edit. To my amazement, Rylo has solved all of these issues. At high speeds with lots of terrain variation, the stabilized video is very effective.

I will do a more indepth review as I get more experience with it!


Ice House Train in Mt Baldy

9.4 mile trail run in Mt Baldy on Ice House Trail using the Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-Q gimbal. The trail is very rocky and steep in the beginning. We took the loop option on Chapman Trail on the way down which added an extra 1.7 miles, but the trail is much smoother.

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